Running Symantec Veritas Cluster Manager on Ubuntu

At some point Veritas has release the Cluster Manager (Java Console) for Linux. Of course, Linux means Red Hat (and other RPM based flavours). Luckily it isn’t too hard making it work on Ubuntu (and friends).

First, get the software – This requires a SymAccount. And no, I will not send you the software

Now, prepare your Ubuntu box

$ sudo apt-get install alien fakeroot

And finally convert and install the package

$ fakeroot alien -c VCS_Cluster_Manager_Java_Console_5.1_for_Linux.rpm
$ sudo dpkg -i vrtscscm_5.1.00.20-1_all.deb

Now, from a terminal or otherwise (ALT-F2 in various Ubuntus) run

$ /opt/VRTSvcs/bin/hagui

Or create a desktop entry for the Cluster Manager to put it in the menu

Create the file ~/.local/share/applications/hagui.desktop

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Veritas Cluster Manager
GenericName=Veritas Cluster Manager
Comment=Manage Veritas clusters

Copy ClusterManager.png to ~/.icons