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WDTV: Make video resume boot persistent

Note: This feature has now been incorporated into WDLXTV 0.5.8. Yay.

Just a quick fix to make the video resume feature boot persistent (I use b-rad’s firmware, I’m not sure how this can be done with ext3-boot, specifically the part concerning mount points may differ.

This can either be done on a computer (with the USB stick/disk attached) or telnet’ing/ssh’ing into the box. If you are doing the latter I assume you know where to find the files on the USB stick/disk).

  • Create an empty file called video_resume_point_table
  • Add this to the file S00custom-options:
    echo 'ln -sf /tmp/mnt/sda/video_resume_point_table /tmp/video_resume_point_table' >> /tmp/init.d/S99post-init
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  1. Hans Hans

    Allan, great! It works for me, with WDLXTV (which includes 1.02.10 beta of WD). I only had to change sda to sda1. Found that out by FTP-ing into the WDTV unit with Linux Mint / Ubuntu.

  2. Ron Ron

    I have followed the instructions and it still does not work. It fails to resume any movies that are on my network upon a reboot. Are the quotes supposed to be included? Are the other quotes supposed to be single or double? It seems to differ from other entries in the file.

  3. I’ve had some problems since upgrading to WDLXTV – But I haven’t had the time to find out why it fails; Judging by Hans’ comment I’m guessing it’s a local problem.

  4. good find!

    integrated into WDLXTV-0.5.8+

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