WDTV: Make video resume boot persistent

Note: This feature has now been incorporated into WDLXTV 0.5.8. Yay.

Just a quick fix to make the video resume feature boot persistent (I use b-rad’s firmware, I’m not sure how this can be done with ext3-boot, specifically the part concerning mount points may differ.

This can either be done on a computer (with the USB stick/disk attached) or telnet’ing/ssh’ing into the box. If you are doing the latter I assume you know where to find the files on the USB stick/disk).

  • Create an empty file called video_resume_point_table
  • Add this to the file S00custom-options:
    echo 'ln -sf /tmp/mnt/sda/video_resume_point_table /tmp/video_resume_point_table' >> /tmp/init.d/S99post-init
  • Hans

    Allan, great! It works for me, with WDLXTV (which includes 1.02.10 beta of WD). I only had to change sda to sda1. Found that out by FTP-ing into the WDTV unit with Linux Mint / Ubuntu.

  • Ron

    I have followed the instructions and it still does not work. It fails to resume any movies that are on my network upon a reboot. Are the quotes supposed to be included? Are the other quotes supposed to be single or double? It seems to differ from other entries in the file.

  • alj

    I’ve had some problems since upgrading to WDLXTV – But I haven’t had the time to find out why it fails; Judging by Hans’ comment I’m guessing it’s a local problem.

  • good find!

    integrated into WDLXTV-0.5.8+