Once in a while you need to identify a given LUN on your server (to delete it, move data, expand it or what ever). The easiest way is to use the UUID.

If you use HP’s driver support pack you simply use the command lssd. lssd is a wrapper for scsi_info, both part of the fibreutils package.

# lssd -w -l
sda  4,0,2,19        HP HSV210 6100  5000-1fe1-5005-ee50  600508b400013133-0001100000740000

# scsi_info /dev/sda

If you are on a non-HP machine use the command scsi_id (part of udev)

# scsi_id -g -s /block/sda

Remove the first “3” (telling you it’s info from a 0x83 SCSI INQEURY) from the output then you have the UUID.