FUSE coolness with mhddfs

Let’s say you have three disks but you wish to share with Samba or NFS clients. Of course you could just mount the disks on three separate mount points and export those. Or you could mount the three disks on three mount points inside the same directory and export the parent directory. The problem with […]

Tip: Fixing character encoding in Terminator 0.14 (Ubuntu 10.04)

I’ve been using the excellent terminal emulator Terminator for a long time. Terminator sports (among other things) split screen hand “cluster support” (grouping of screens, making it possible to type the same thing in all terminals). In previous versions of Ubuntu (Terminator versions prior to 0.14) Terminator would pick all settings from GNOME Terminal, including […]

Irssi notifications using Desktop Notifications and Minivan

I was pretty happy with solution to get notifications from Irssi though it had some shortcomings. A couple of days ago a colleague made me aware of a Perl modules written by another colleague (Anton Berezin) called IPC::Message::Minivan which, it turns out, is perfect for my notification script. Basing the notifications on Minivan combine the […]

Using ISO-8859-15 encoding with Twirssi

Since I run irssi all the time, packing as many features into it as possible seems like a nice idea. So I use bitlbee to connect to Messenger, Google Talk/Jabber and ICQ and I have been using tircd (Twitter/irc gateway) and tweet.im (Twitter/Google Talk gateway) to connect to Twitter; but none of them works like […]