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Tag: ufw is now IPv6 enabled

Just a quick note to let you know that is now accessible through IPv6 $ host -t AAAA          CNAME     AAAA    2001:2010:0:2:0:0:0:DEAD The only thing I had to do was to enable IPv6 in Lighttpd, enable IPv6 in ufw (done in /etc/default/ufw) and then re-add any rules to ufw that affect IPv6 (like web and ssh). The last part is crucial and not…

UFW: Blocking outgoing connections

Note: This is known to work for a machine acting as masquerading firewall for an entire network. I wanted to block connections to certain outbound ports. After some trial and errors I found something that works Add the following to /etc/ufw/before.rules: -A ufw-before-forward -s <SOURCE IP> ! -d <LOCAL NET>/24 -p tcp -m tcp –dport <DEST PORT> -j DROP it’s as simple as that. Remember to reload all the rules: $ sudo ufw reload

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