Irssi notifications using Desktop Notifications and Minivan

I was pretty happy with solution to get notifications from Irssi though it had some shortcomings. A couple of days ago a colleague made me aware of a Perl modules written by another colleague (Anton Berezin) called IPC::Message::Minivan which, it turns out, is perfect for my notification script. Basing the notifications on Minivan combine the […]

Facebook Chat in bitlbee

Facebook now supports XMPP. Yay. Using Facebook Chat in bitlbee is pretty straight forward (I am running 1.2.4, older versions of bitlbee require a bit more tweaking, consult the manual). For Facebook Chat through XMPP to work you need to set a Facebook username. In the &bitlbee channel account add jabber <username>> <Facebook password> account […]

Yet another way to get Irssi notifications on your Linux desktop

For a better solution, see this article – I am keeping this post online because it makes it possible to implement distributed notifications with Perl modules included in the Ubuntu repositories. One of the things lacking (in my opinion at least) when using Irssi and GNU Screen is the lack of a way for Irssi […]

Using ISO-8859-15 encoding with Twirssi

Since I run irssi all the time, packing as many features into it as possible seems like a nice idea. So I use bitlbee to connect to Messenger, Google Talk/Jabber and ICQ and I have been using tircd (Twitter/irc gateway) and (Twitter/Google Talk gateway) to connect to Twitter; but none of them works like […]