Irssi notifications in Windows using Growl and Minivan

After completing my script to deliver Irssi notifications to the Linux desktop using Perl (IPC::Message::Minivan and Desktop::Notify), I wondered if this framework could be extended to Windows (since I have a Windows desktop at work). I have previously looked at Growl (on Linux) and think it is cumbersome to get the notifications across the network […]

Irssi notifications using Desktop Notifications and Minivan

I was pretty happy with solution to get notifications from Irssi though it had some shortcomings. A couple of days ago a colleague made me aware of a Perl modules written by another colleague (Anton Berezin) called IPC::Message::Minivan which, it turns out, is perfect for my notification script. Basing the notifications on Minivan combine the […]

Facebook Chat in bitlbee

Facebook now supports XMPP. Yay. Using Facebook Chat in bitlbee is pretty straight forward (I am running 1.2.4, older versions of bitlbee require a bit more tweaking, consult the manual). For Facebook Chat through XMPP to work you need to set a Facebook username. In the &bitlbee channel account add jabber <username>> <Facebook password> account […]

Using ISO-8859-15 encoding with Twirssi

Since I run irssi all the time, packing as many features into it as possible seems like a nice idea. So I use bitlbee to connect to Messenger, Google Talk/Jabber and ICQ and I have been using tircd (Twitter/irc gateway) and (Twitter/Google Talk gateway) to connect to Twitter; but none of them works like […]