This really ticks me off. According to this thread in Joost forums, Joost does not plan to support Linux in the foreseeable future.

In case is disappears from their forum here is the message

This is what Joost really thinks of Linux…we’re not part of their “business objectives”…I’m done with them.


We’re currently working on improving the performance of the PC and Mac versions available today.
Although there has been demand for a Linux version of Joost, we have to prioritize our business objectives. As a result, we do not have plans to release a Linux version at this time.

Kind regards,

The Joost Support Team.

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I’m an early adopter of Joost and since switching to
Linux I am
disappointed with the lack of Linux support.

I’m heavily disappointed in your so-called “developers”
who never seem
to fucking respond on the forums. How about you fix

While I have never understood the hype (mainly because I don’t have a
Windows machine) it’s pretty depressing that a company that is standing on the shoulders of giants will not support the Linux (and other platforms) community.

I know that a lot of Linux users have been waiting for a native Linux client (though it’s been rumoured to be possible to run the Windows client in Linux it is not easy to do).

Apparently something is brewing at Joost but until I get a download link I have one thing to say: Screw Joost. Though I haven’t used it frequently I guess I’ll have to take my business elsewhere.