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AT&T now have a version of their Global Network Client for Linux (if you don’t what it is then you don’t need it). Unfortunately they only released it for RPM based distributions.

There are some limitations in the Linux version; most noticeably it only
supports SSL.

Various persons have reported that converting the packages using alien does not work.

Not to worry, a kind soul has taken the time create a script that converts the RPMs to a working Debian package.

  1. Download the client from AT&T
  2. Get this script from André F. Macêdo’s website (mirror)
  3. Setup the right environment:
    $ chmod 700
    $ ./ --deps
  4. and then convert the downloaded RPM:
    $ ./ <name of RPM>
    Package convert process completed! Please report problems on
    $ sudo dpkg -i agnclient_<version>-1.1_i386.deb

If you have IBM Mobility Client running you need to stop the daemon before trying to connect using AT&T Netclient

sudo /etc/init.d/ibm-wclient stop