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May you have a fortuitous New Year

Live long and prosper!

The guitar curse

Let’s face it. I suck at Guitar Hero. Sure I have completed Guitar Hero III, World Tour and Aerosmith on easy (many of the songs at 100%) but each time I try medium this is sort of what happens Damn my fat, useless fingers! Anyway, I just wanted to show you the above comic strip – And show my respect for this fella – I wish I was one tenth as good as he is

Using Sonofon Mobile Broadband with Ubuntu (updated)

This is an updated version of the guide to using Sonofon Mobile Broadband with Ubuntu that I made in May 2008. The modem provided by Sonofon is an USB stick marked as an Option Icon 225 HSDPA and is by default detected as an USB CD-ROM (which holds the Windows drivers). Installing the driver First you need to compile and install the drivers needed to use the modem: HSO kernel module Ozerocdoff (used to change…

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