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Goodbye AppleTV, Hello Tvix

After a year with the AppleTV I decided it was time to do something about the only deficiency it had: The inability to play x264 encoded files. Following advise from some of my fellow nerds I ended up bying a Tvix HD M-6500A. The box itself is solid and even if some might find it less aesthetically pleasing than the AppleTV I think if looks good. Versus This is, in my opinion, how the Tvix…

AwkwardTV project calls it quits

This just in Due to continuous illegal activities surrounding patchstick I’m giving up. End of the line, everyone off. It was a fun year or so. Read more Update 18:46 is also shutting down In reference to AwkwardTV shutting down because of patchstick. We are taking the same route! Read more Update 23:59 ;)

AppleTV 2.0.1

Apple has released a new version of AppleTV OS (version 2.0.1). For the time being, do not upgrade. Little is yet known about the changes made by the update but the USB patch no longer works. Oh yeah, this also means that unless your ATV is stock 2.0, you are no longer able to update :( Damn you, Steve

I’m 4% addicted to Apple

Thank you Andreas for this one 4%How Addicted to Apple Are You? (I own no other Apple products than my AppleTV)

AppleTV Take 2: Using USB disk as main storage for iTunes

I had my AppleTV running with Take 2. USB was working. But if I did what I seemed to remember having done with 1.0 Finder would not start (that is symlinking /Volumes/MyVolume/Media to /mnt/Media). It seemed that Finder was started before the USB disk was mounted, hence /Volumes/MyVolume was not available. Running diskutil list showed the disk being there just not mounted. The solution was actually pretty easy (why didn’t I think of this before…

Upgrade to AppleTV Take 2

I’ve just upgraded to Take 2 and so far everything is working out great. I would like to thank CiscoTM for making the PatchStick and guides available to the public. I followed the guide on ATV4Windows – The guide for Windows works great with Linux. Basicly upgrading consisted of Factory restore to 1.0 Doing a full upgrade to 2.0 Patchstick the sucker Install nitoTV 0.2.2 beta Install ATVFiles Take 2 beta Use nitoTV’s SmartInstaller to…

More AppleTV Take 2 updates

While enjoying a VMware course in London I thought I might post links to some of the great stuff happening in the AppleTV community. nitoTV take 2 is out A beginner’s guide to AppleTV take 2. Take2Patch Home MediaCloud Take2 Released – MediaCloud is a UPnP Video player for the AppleTV. Also check out my previous ATV Take 2 post

AppleTV Take 2 updates

It seems people are really kicking it now! Take 2 Full Update including working USB hack and all the other goodies. Take 2 Safe Update Take 2 compatible plugins Once again I’m impressed how fast the community have been able to get all this done. When I’m done moving my webserver to a new hosting provider I think I might give Take 2 a go.

ATVFiles Take 2 alpha 2

Get it while it’s hot [20:44] <ericIII> atvfiles take 2 alpha 2: Go to the forum thread for changelog and other updates.

ATVFiles on Take 2 alpha 1

ericIII has just released to first alpha version of ATVFiles for Take 2 Go to the forum page for more details. On the same note Perian has also been verified to run on Take 2. This is great news indeed. Once ATVFiles is running on Take 2 it will not be long before I upgrade :)

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