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Switched to nginx has been moved to nginx (with php5-fpm) and most things seem to be working. There is one problem though. It seem that some of the older articles are indexed as /articles/-title-/index.php (which is sort of wrong) and accessing that type of URI results in a blank page. The problem seem to be that I’ve configured nginx to serve file in this order: location / {                  …

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The performance of the site should have increased considerably – but since it meant disabling WordPress HTTPS you will probably see a warning about all elements of the page not being secured; I am working on that.

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Firewall trouble

It might seem as if has been out of commission for a while. That is not the case – but a firewall configuration error (on my part) accidently blocked port 80; an error I did not see since I always use SSL. Sorry, Allan

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Season’s Greetings

Have yourselves a merry little Christmas – Have you ever thought about what Santa REALLY does while you’re asleep?

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While my site might not be as important or visited as Google or Facebook, I decided to switch it to SSL. Some pages will show an “error” in the browser because not all content is encrypted (external images); I hope I’ll get that fixed some day.

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I’m not dead

But I haven’t really had anything to write about. I assure you, if anything pops up, I will make a real blog post :) My Twitter account is updated somewhat regularly and I post less important stuff (mostly links to stuff) on Tumblr.

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