b-rad releases WDLXTV

This is more or less a bugfux release for
* fixed typo preventing S00custom-options from executing
* persistent video resume filename correction: video_resume_points_table
* dos2unix /conf/net.mounts & /conf/net.config to fix windows editing

The 0.5.8.x series also seem to finally do away with the remote controller sluggishness that have plagued us for a long time

Importantly: It seems as if I *might’ve* finally found & fixed the sluggish remote / unresponsive video issue that popped up for a small minority of people a long time back. It turns out that dmaosd doesn’t like a lot of stuff happening while it is loading, and especially does not like NTP changing the system clock during init

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In case RapidShare makes it impossible to download the firmware package I’ve mirrored the file here.

  • sandman

    Cheers mate for mirror!

  • Basil

    Thx. for mirror!

  • Sam

    Rapidshare sux thanks a bunch!

  • Rapidshare require me to be premium user to download. Your mirror does not work now.( URL not found) Help!

    • alj

      Sorry about that; file has been restored.

  • Henry

    Can anyone tell me how to simply install a minimal version of linux on my WDTV so that I can run Kodi (the new name for xbmc) ?